A Love Sandwich


A funny thing happened this past weekend, dear blog-friends. I’d like to share it with you if that is okay.

We had family in town and it was important to not spend all day in the kitchen when there was important family time to be had.  It was time to bust out the crock-pot and find a recipe that was as delicious as it was easy. Then it hit me. This blog featured a great pulled pork sandwich recipe not too long ago. It was the logical choice for the occasion, so I visited our blog to refresh our memories on how to brew this little treat.

When the familiar banner loaded and I revisited some of our experiences, I was reminded how fun it was to do. I recalled the soufflé that I was so sure would collapse in on itself (but didn’t) and the cupcakes with the cookie dough middle that were a lot of work, but even more fun to try.  I remembered struggling over a boiling pot of molten caramel to capture a picture with my iPhone. I also thought of Mark’s cheeks collapsing while trying to suck the too-thick blackberry shake through a straw. What fun!

It’s been great talking to family and friends that read the blog and took the time to let us how much they enjoyed it. We were reminded how much we enjoyed cooking and chronicling it.  We even miss the random spam comments from people overseas trying to trick us into posting comments about buying cheap pills on the black market.


Consider it a late New Years resolution, but we are determined to find the time to do the things that we most enjoy and doing this is one of those things, dear blog-friends. We enjoy YOU! So we’d like to come back, if you’ll have us!

Until very soon,



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