Photobooth at a wedding. One of the best ideas ever.

Before any of you say anything, we do not have anything magnetized to our stainless refrigerator. It made a shiny and convenient backdrop for the photo-within-a-photo.

Here we are. Several months pre-blog at a very lovely wedding. Aren’t we goofy in a non-awkward way?!

Mark (left) and Jason (right) met in the summer of 2005. Jason, a native Buffalonian and Mark the chronic Bostonian (with quintessential accent) bumped into one another on the first day of work. After several months of getting to know each other, it took one Ben Folds concert in a grungy beer-stained theater for them to realize there was something brewing.

After getting married in 2007 (thank you Massachusetts!) we set off to tackle our future. Steady jobs, great friends, loving families, Cape Cod, Yankee Candle and Home Goods have made us the fortunate folks that we are today.

Which brings us to our new venture (or rather adventure) in cooking. We’ve spent our early years reading food blogs and collecting items at cooking stores that we aren’t quite sure what to do with. So now comes the time to tinker in the kitchen before our metabolism slows down entirely. An interesting objective especially because one of us (Mark) hates tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard and many other cooking staples. Complicating matters even more is Jason’s penchant for losing interest in almost anything after a long enough period of time. But the good news? We are better together. So off we go into a world of mayonnaise-free egg salad armed with nothing but kosher salt, a pepper grinder, some wilted lettuce and a pot of boiling water.


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